Home sales accelerated its growth rate after rising 17% in June

Home sales rose 17% last June over the same month of 2014, a total of 30,578 operations, as reported Wednesday the National Statistics Institute (INE). The June year growth was experienced eleven points higher than in May, when home sales grew by 6%.

In June rise, housing sales chains its tenth consecutive annual increase, due solely to the increase in 44.5% of transactions on existing homes, adding up to 23,947 transactions as the sale of new apartments fell by 30 , 6% compared to June 2014, with 6,631 operations.

The data released by the INE correspond to sales recorded in the property records from public deeds made in reference to previous months.

In the first six months of the year, housing sales accumulates a rise of 9.8%, down from 36.4% in new flooring operations and an increase of 42.9% in dwellings made with second hand.

Considering only the monthly data (June to May), home sales rose 3.8%, which is 9.8 points higher than last year and the only positive of the past five years.

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