What is Black Friday?

The Black Friday has its origin in the United States and is the day following Thanksgiving Day. With it begins the Christmas shopping season. During those days the stores offer discounts and great deals for a limited time.

It is believed that this curious tradition of purchases began in Philadelphia, USA, and there are various theories about the origin of the name, the oldest said it was called so by 1961, for the traffic police in the United States, because of the avalanche of buyers to do their Christmas shopping. Since 2005 it has become the biggest day of US sales.

From early in the morning, long lines of customers at the doors of the shops  willing to be the first to enter and get products to outrageous prices that are often the best of the year.

The Black Friday event held on the last Friday of November worldwide (known as Black November the month as Black Friday the day ), so the deals will be available and visible on Friday from 00.00 in most sites. From that time and for a limited time, you can purchase these crazy deals.

Black Friday Spain

This shopping festival in Spain began to have relevance since 2012 where various physical and online stores celebrated with great success. On the one hand, shops selling a higher amount than normal of its products and on the other, customers can get the product looking for a lower price than normal, or even, the lowest price of the year by the incredible offers and discounts. Many people use this event as a way to get ahead of the Christmas shopping and getting gifts for their loved ones at a lower cost.

The estate also, why not?

In ROSILLO PROPERTIES we can not put our prices 50% as much as we would like. However, if this day we offer the best selection of homes with the most juicy and exciting opportunities for those looking for a house these days in this exceptional area as the Costa Blanca is.

Ah! and also to all who inquire these days and perform the operation before New Year, we will give free all the formalities of his home to not have to worry about anything except enjoying their new home by the sea.

Come to the Real Estate Black Friday!

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